Most young girls face similar challenges when they are growing up, not only do we feel pressure to conform with certain ideologies through what we see in the media but we often have to overcome pressures within our peer groups. With age comes wisdom however, and so we learn to admire and respect our fellow women for their unique strengths and qualities. It’s our individualism and personal attributes that make us powerful, not our desire to conform to perceived stereotypes. I believe we have a duty as women to empower the younger generation of girls and help them avoid the obstacles and pain so many of us experienced in our earlier years. For me, Tory Burch as a brand wonderfully encapsulates this spirit. My niece Eve, is only 4 years old and is already trotting around the house in her mummy’s shoes. It’s an amazing memory most of us can recall and cherish from growing up. Wouldn’t it be nice however if we could see our daughters running around the house trying to emulate the elegant, driven women we one day hope them to be, instead of the styles which do not place women in the best light. Tory Burch helps instill this vision in the mind’s eye of the next generation and it’s a brand any woman should be proud to wear. Born out of an entrepreneurial mindset and tailored for aspirational woman, it’s the dominant, yet chic styling of Tory Burch that makes the brand so appealing to women who have success on the brain.

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Sometimes it’s the most simple things in life what bring us the greatest enjoyment and sense of comfort! Reclining in a hammock with a good book is about as close to bliss as it gets for Maricel, and being able to enjoy the beautiful Kite beach in Dubai surroundings is simply sublime. ‘I spent a relaxing afternoon down at this cosy beach enclave wearing this light and breezy ensemble. If the ever versatile ‘black dress’ is a women’s best friend for evening wear, then the casual white t-shirt is surely the best companion to spend relaxing afternoon with. Heading out to lunch with friends or spending a day relaxing in you own company, the comfort and simple laid back styling of the loose white t-shirt is unrivalled.’



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Originally from Spain and Philippines, and now living in Dubai, Maricel is a truly global citizen with a passion for all things fashion and all things digital: ‘My basic principle when styling is to make sure that I feel comfortable in whatever it is that I’m wearing. Know yourself, your personal style will follow, that’s my “how-to”.

‘The best thing about living in Dubai is how accessible the beach is, perfect place to do a quick yoga sesh or to meditate. Wore my new Gap Fit outfit and spent the day frolicking around the beach. I’m not always motivated to stretch my muscles, a good outfit however, is always a plus for motivation’





Sandgypsy collaborated with Armani Exchange to look for a “Style Star” wherein 3 lucky winners will be chosen to star in a fashion shoot  a chance to win AED 3,500 worth of Gift Voucher from Armani Exchange. The winner will be announced on October 13, 2015.

How to win:

Simply take a  snap  of yourself wearing your favourite Armani Exchange Fall/Winter15 outfit or item in stores, or when you are out and about wearing Armani’s Fall/Winter15 collection and share the image on Instagram tagging #EWWearing and#myAXstyle.

Do not forget to both hashtags #EWWearing and #myAXstyle and for further details click the link below: Continue reading


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We workout for various reasons, some hit the gym to shed off those holiday pounds they gained over Christmas, others do so to feel good in general. Whatever your reason may be there is no denying that a good gym clothing can add extra motivation to  stay another minute in your circuit routine and another great push is to have the perfect workout buddy.