Back to the 60’s
JollyChic Dress, Steve Madden Shoes, YSL Sling Bag

1960’s – the era where no beehive is too high and no skirt too short. If you love online shopping, you can get this look from Let your heart skip a beat when shopping, and get 10% off your orders when using the code ‘SAND’.

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Bardou High Tea Party
Location: Fortnum & Mason Downtown Dubai

An afternoon filled with tea, cake & unlimited banter happened in Fortnum & Mason. My friend Cosmin who handles the PR for Bardou arranged a tea party attended by some of Dubai’s top Social Media Influencers.

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Location | JBR
Wearing| Tory Burch Firenza Metallic sandals and watch, Whistles top and trousers, Chanel Boy Bag, Chloe sunglasses

If you raid my wardrobe and this is not known to many other than my two cats, you’ll know that I have an affinity towards silk dressing gowns, bed sheets and pretty much anything with silk material. If for some, what it takes to have a good night sleep is a cup of tea or instrumental music, for me, however, it is the soft velvety feeling of a silk clothing. And It’s always thrilling to find pieces that has the same amount of comfort yet perfect to be worn outdoors like this Whistles ensemble. And for those who loves the brand, it’s time to celebrate as the first Whistles store has opened its doors in City Walk Dubai.

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Location | Level Seven W Hotel Dubai
Wearing| Tory Burch fringe tweed skirt, Mango shoes from Namshi, Long Champ bag, Zara Top

When it comes to good genes, I think they all went straight to my hair and left my skin behind. Kidding.

I get compliments a lot about my hair so when asked me to share my top tips for Haircare, I did not hesitate and I’ve listed them down.

Every woman has unique hair, and how to deal with it requires a serious strategy. Day-to-day care is very important of course, but personally, I have a routine down so I can always make sure my look is voluminous, sexy, and natural. It’s so important to know which products are the best for your hair type, especially in Dubai. The weather is so extreme and the humidity can make a good hair day change instantly. These are my top tips for avoiding any fly-aways, frizz, and any other hair troubles:

  1. I struggle constantly with avoiding an oily scalp. No matter how many times I wash my hair, the heat can make fresh hair turn oily super quick. The solution for me has always been to utilize hair colouring, as the process dries the hair. Most hair colouring products contain a mild ammonia, making the hair dry. Plus, using hair colour balances the oil giving the hair extra volume for a fierce look.
  1. Since my hairstyle is currently an ombre dye- it requires a bit of maintenance. However, ombre is a stylish and relatively easy way to do something new with your hair. By choosing an ombre colour, you reduce the amount of times you have to touch up your roots or colour your whole head. Excessive colouring can damage the hair and result in terrible split-ends. Ombre hair minimizing, plus it works well for Dubai with the beach lifestyle. The best part too is you can always colour your hair more if you feel like going full blonde, and not have to always have to do it right away.

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( Location / Level Seven W Hotel) 

If you love good food and enjoy exploring new places, chances are you’re familiar with the brunch culture in Dubai. According to Wikipedia; Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch eaten usually during the late morning but it can extend to as late as 3pm. In Dubai however, brunch takes on  a whole new meaning. It’s a place where people who love to eat and drink gather together and stay until a certain time depending on the timings of the venue, a brunch can even last up to 8pm!

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This was my birthday weekend so we wanted to go somewhere extra special and we’d been advised to visit this mysterious land by many friends throughout our time in Dubai who had all returned with incredible tales and pictures of their adventures there. Two things stood out for me immediately from looking through their snaps and listening to their experiences. Firstly, was the beauty and diversity of the country’s natural landscape from the lush green mountain plateaus, to the technicolor coral kingdom’s in the South which bustles with aquatic life. The second was of the warmth and humility of the locals who are rich in culture yet humble & gracious in their ways. It was almost peak summer in Dubai so we opted to head for the cooler mountain region of Oman….the prospect of a chilled breeze running through my hair was sheer bliss!

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Location | Ritz-Carlton Hotel JBR
Wearing| Ivy Park Active-wear

Anyone who likes working out would admit that good active-wear can massively affect your confidence and motivation. It’s not about being fashionable, it’s how the material embraces your body and allows it to breathe letting the blood circulate freely whilst performing poses or doing intense training. It’s a confidence builder, it helps conceal your bulging tummy and lets you see what could be if you’re determined enough to endure another few seconds. It is safe to assume that good active-wear helps empower the one who wears it.

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Last weekend, the beau and I decided to visit Fujairah. It’s both our first time and normally, we’d rather travel to neighbouring countries, however this time we opted to check Fujairah out upon seeing a friends diving photos.

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The Sand Gypsy is chosen amongst 3 top fashion influencers in the region to pick 3 lucky winners to star in a shoot for Armani Exchange that was featured in Emirates Woman Magazine.

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234.jpgredtag 1 final.jpgC58A9317C58A9399 copy.jpg

Bohemian Dress
Location | Thailand
Wearing| Dress from Redtag, Straw bags made by the locals in Philippines, Gladiator shoes from Topshop

I spent my vacation in Thailand, two days well spent in Bangkok and flew to the island of Kho Samui where we spent a good four days which was filled with extra spicy Thai food, sunsets, wines and unlimited banter with similar travellers we met during our stay.

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Clothing may make up majority of an outfit but for a believer of simplicity and comfort like myself, accessories are very important.

Fashion icon Iris Apfel firmly believes this, she thinks that a few structured statement accessories will produce million different looks. I believe her, I mean just look at her.

And speaking of accessories, earring is something I cannot live without and is always on my shopping list. I love how it draws people’s attention to the face and that it never really goes out of style. If you love it as much as I do, chances are you’re already familiar with some of the brands I’ll be mentioning below, if not however,  and you want to opt your style this season. I’ll share my top 3 favourite brands and  mention the top 3 affordable brands for the woman whose taste is fleeting and adventurous.

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We arrived in Koh Samui late in the evening and went we straight to The Conrad and spent a good three days there. Prior to our trip if I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, to be close to nature was enough for me. When we arrive in The Conrad, we were immediately brought to our own pool villa after a quick check in and as I enter the villa, we were welcomed with a bottle of champagne and fruits.



As I make my way through the sliding door onto the villa’s private pool, I could not believe my eyes – the sea was calm whilst the sun sets highlighting the existence of distant islands. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed so I immediately put on my bikini and soaked at the temperature controlled pool and could not stop staring the sun et.


The hotel is a collection of small villas set along the hills and thus lots for height differences between the lobby, rooms and restaurants as well as main pool. Our’s is set higher than the rest and we have a great view of the whole place.


Transportation around the hotel is through a buggy, luckily the closest Thai restaurant was close enough that we can walk, the choice of restaurant was quite limited, however the one close to our villa was a Thai restaurant and it was perfect because we love Thai food.


Prior to our trip, I booked a full day tour of the islands and had to cancel it because the hotel was too beautiful to leave, the hotel has it’s own private jacuzzi too and common infinity pool area with live entertainment at night. 


We opted to spend the whole day in our villa then we went straight lounging on the beach and again feasted our eyes on the stunning sunset.


Stay in Paradise
Location | The Conrad Koh Samui

The whole experience has been fab, looking forward to the next one.