Location| Al Maliha Fossil Rock Sharjah
Wearing | Mochi Earrings, Topshop Dress, Satami Cover up

I have this firm belief that if you want to change your reality, you’ll have to work on your mindset first. A day in the desert is like a walk in the park, it’s energy is enough to encapsulate your being and makes you think of what truly matters. Looking out at the vast desert, I can’t help but be filled with gratitude. Grateful to the country that welcomed me with arms wide open, I may not live here forever but that’s the beauty of it.  It is inevitable to complain and compare this place about the things that is abundant back home like greenery or maybe a good service. A lot of the time too, we complain about the ‘fakeness’ of the place, but we fail to realize that it’s just less or more than 50 year old , if you look at the Eiffel tower in Paris or Coliseum in Rome, it’s all man-made, the difference is the history around it. Dubai is growing, like a child, it’s starting to form it’s own character and  history and I can’t wait and look back one day and say, I was there and I was part of it.


And oh, another thought whilst visiting the desert is where is the best spot to do camping this winter. Have you got any plans?

Much love,


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