Location: The Conrad, Rangali Island Maldives
Wearing | White dress from Topshop, Knot belt from Faithfull, accessories from Bulgari 

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I have always looked at blogging merely as a creative outlet and I’m starting to hear more and more people say that they’d been following my work. It’s very flattering and I think I owe it to my  followers that they know who I really am (Still not comfortable talking about ‘me’ as I think it’s self-indulgent and if you know any other way, I’m happy to listen)

Prior to blogging, I have always been drawn to spirituality (not religion) I would meditate everyday and collect crystals and not Chanel.  I was content and happy, the happiest I have ever really been. However I also wanted to build something for myself, a strong career, a brand. It has been very difficult to find the balance between spirituality and ‘materialism’ and so I made the conscious decision to choose the latter.

People would say, you just need balance. I’m not a believer of balance, I think you’ll be mediocre at both. Balance is luxury. I believe in focus and passion, that intense desire that leaves you sleepless at night or that undisturbed stillness within that allows you to be compassionate even with the cruelist of human being.

When you focus on a material pursuit, all sorts of ‘negative’ emotions shows up; frustration, anger, anxiety etc. All these emotions plays a vital role in pushing you to create and to work hard. You’ll try to do everything to surpass these feelings by achieving goals you’ve set for yourself because that’s the only way.

When you’re ‘zen’, you are content, you are present. You are happy and you look at life from a detached point of view. This is life’s end goal.

But when you’re on your late 20’s what do you do?  When you have all the energy to work and produce something for your future? Me? Well I stopped meditating and went to fashion events instead, swapped my crystals for Chanel, and unfollowed all the spititual groups that I’m part of.

After two years, I’m closer to where I wanted to be and now I can afford ‘balance’. I will start encorporating spirituality to my work. I’m nowehere close to enligthment and I thought I’d share my journey with you anyway.

Much love,


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