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Location | Level Seven W Hotel Dubai
Wearing| Tory Burch fringe tweed skirt, Mango shoes from Namshi, Long Champ bag, Zara Top

When it comes to good genes, I think they all went straight to my hair and left my skin behind. Kidding.

I get compliments a lot about my hair so when asked me to share my top tips for Haircare, I did not hesitate and I’ve listed them down.

Every woman has unique hair, and how to deal with it requires a serious strategy. Day-to-day care is very important of course, but personally, I have a routine down so I can always make sure my look is voluminous, sexy, and natural. It’s so important to know which products are the best for your hair type, especially in Dubai. The weather is so extreme and the humidity can make a good hair day change instantly. These are my top tips for avoiding any fly-aways, frizz, and any other hair troubles:

  1. I struggle constantly with avoiding an oily scalp. No matter how many times I wash my hair, the heat can make fresh hair turn oily super quick. The solution for me has always been to utilize hair colouring, as the process dries the hair. Most hair colouring products contain a mild ammonia, making the hair dry. Plus, using hair colour balances the oil giving the hair extra volume for a fierce look.
  1. Since my hairstyle is currently an ombre dye- it requires a bit of maintenance. However, ombre is a stylish and relatively easy way to do something new with your hair. By choosing an ombre colour, you reduce the amount of times you have to touch up your roots or colour your whole head. Excessive colouring can damage the hair and result in terrible split-ends. Ombre hair minimizing, plus it works well for Dubai with the beach lifestyle. The best part too is you can always colour your hair more if you feel like going full blonde, and not have to always have to do it right away.

  1. Don’t brush your hair when wet. Try to let it dry naturally as much as possible as using a blow dryer can be harsh as well. When the hair is wet, it’s more sensitive and stretches more, so try and let it air dry after the pool or beach. The hair is prone to breakage when brushed whilst it’s wet, so protect it as much as possible!
  1. Don’t blow-dry your hair when not necessary. I only blow-dry my hair when I’m going to an event, and I only do it on my roots. Most of the time, I wash it at night and let it dry in my sleep, the next day I wake up with a hairstyle I could compare to Blake Lively or Beyonce.
  2. Condition! Condition! Condition! – The scalp naturally produces oil that keeps the hair healthy, however it only reaches two inches of the hair from the roots, meaning if you have long hair, the rest has no nutrients and conditioner is a must to give your hair the necessary nutrients to keep it healthy.
  1. Never ever use rubber ponytails, this damages the hair. Stick to soft materials to pull your hair back.

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