Clothing may make up majority of an outfit but for a believer of simplicity and comfort like myself, accessories are very important.

Fashion icon Iris Apfel firmly believes this, she thinks that a few structured statement accessories will produce million different looks. I believe her, I mean just look at her.

And speaking of accessories, earring is something I cannot live without and is always on my shopping list. I love how it draws people’s attention to the face and that it never really goes out of style. If you love it as much as I do, chances are you’re already familiar with some of the brands I’ll be mentioning below, if not however,  and you want to opt your style this season. I’ll share my top 3 favourite brands and  mention the top 3 affordable brands for the woman whose taste is fleeting and adventurous.

Top 3 brand that has the best pieces are:

  1. Oscar De la Renta has some of the best dangling earrings, some you can see worn by by some famous celebrities like Amal Clooney and Blake Lively as Serena in Gossip Girl
  2. Aurelie Bidermann is a French brand launched on 2003, it has beautiful, classy avant-garde design. Think of the Oscars or a fine dining dinner.
  3. Lanvin a standard bearer of Parisian elegance, has a signature tasselled earrings which surely get anyone’s attention when worn

And since our love for a certain style can change depending on the season and our mood, spending on affordable but quality pieces is a practical Idea. I personally think that It’s either luxurious aka extra expensive jewellery or disposable (meaning you won’t cry Ala Kim Kardashian when you lose a pair)

Here’s the list of brands that has great quality pieces and are also very affordable:

  1. All things Mochi I love their Spanish collection filled with brightly colour statement earrings from Blue to red, e.g. refer to the image on top in red colour.
  2. H&M always have some great statement pieces from tassels, wood, to metallic accessories
  3. Topshop also has nice bold pieces, from earrings, necklace, rings to full torso metal pieces.

Which fashion staple you cannot live without?

Sai x

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