Cave: Noun – “a hollow in the earth, opening more or less horizontally into a hill, mountain”

Surely not something you’d find hidden amongst the glistening skyscrapers that fringe Sheikh Zayed Road? Think again… The Conrad Hotel is infamous as one of Dubai’s most glamourous hangouts and it’s dazzling terraces adds that special ‘je ne sais quoi’ to just about any evening. Dig a little deeper into this labyrinth of splendor however, and you may be lucky enough to stumble across one of Dubai’s best-kept secrets… Congratulations, you’ve discovered Cave.

As you walk into Cave, you’ll feel an ambiance of calm wash over you. As you stroll through the beautifully lit caverns, you’ll notice some simple yet ornately adorned features. Cave provides a cosy, oasis of tranquility in a high octane desert city but it also has a secret talent. Whether you’re here for a work event, relaxing with a few close friends or reclining with that special person, you’ll experience a uniquely blissful escape from the outside world here.

After a warm reception by the staff, we were shown to our table and were offered a tour around the caves before being given the chance to explore the extensive wine furnished catacombs. If you’re a lover of fine wines, the cave is a must. With a vast collection of the finest grapes from across the globe, you can be assured even the most sophisticated taste buds will be delighted. Whilst you quaff your wine with great company, just remember that wonderful wines also require companionship. Cave has this all taken care and you’ll be introduced to an arrangement of the finest tapas imaginable. I’ve eaten in various Spanish & Latin American venues across Dubai and the quality of the cuisine in Cave is certainly up there with the finest. From the spicy, zest-fulled kick of the harissa marinated kalamata olives, to the tangy bite of the Spanish Cabrales cheeses, you’ll be taken on a journey through best that the rustic latin regions have to offer.


After an evening of serious indulgence, it was time conclude an incredibly vibrant & relaxing experience. It’s a place I recommend to just about everyone I meet, from professional peers to loved ones. I always receive a thank you message a few days later and I think that speaks volumes about this sensational venue. Next time you’re passing along Sheik Zayed Road, I suggest you stop at Conrad and experience this incredible hidden treasure.

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