Most young girls face similar challenges when they are growing up, not only do we feel pressure to conform with certain ideologies through what we see in the media but we often have to overcome pressures within our peer groups. With age comes wisdom however, and so we learn to admire and respect our fellow women for their unique strengths and qualities. It’s our individualism and personal attributes that make us powerful, not our desire to conform to perceived stereotypes. I believe we have a duty as women to empower the younger generation of girls and help them avoid the obstacles and pain so many of us experienced in our earlier years. For me, Tory Burch as a brand wonderfully encapsulates this spirit. My niece Eve, is only 4 years old and is already trotting around the house in her mummy’s shoes. It’s an amazing memory most of us can recall and cherish from growing up. Wouldn’t it be nice however if we could see our daughters running around the house trying to emulate the elegant, driven women we one day hope them to be, instead of the styles which do not place women in the best light. Tory Burch helps instill this vision in the mind’s eye of the next generation and it’s a brand any woman should be proud to wear. Born out of an entrepreneurial mindset and tailored for aspirational woman, it’s the dominant, yet chic styling of Tory Burch that makes the brand so appealing to women who have success on the brain.

Details of the competition is posted on Instagram @Thesandgypsy

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  1. Hi. This is so true. The preteens and teens of today are over exposed to media. And the overarching message is always centered on physical beauty. Most evident in the obsession with fairness in the subcontinent. With advertising and branding with leads young women to believe that it’s rather their beauty and not their brawn which will bring success and hapiness. And the major milestone that is stressed is marriage and finding the perfect guy. However that is not so for young men for whom a good education and a successful career is what is stressed. Ofcourse I am making sweeping generalizations but look all around you. Even if a woman is educated, successful and accomplished the first thing that is noticed is what she wears or how she looks. When she is a CEO what is splashed on the newspaper page is “FIRST WOMAN CEO”….being a woman is focused upon more than the actual achievement.
    Ellen de Generes is right teach girls to be their own hero. My thoughts are the same.


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