Tilal Liwa Hotel is nestled in Rub Al Khali Desert in abu Dhabi and a good three-hour drive away from Dubai. The hotel was originally built to accommodate people who joins the camel beauty contest that takes place every last quarter of every year. People all over the GCC region travels to compete in the said contest.

The hotel opened to the public after a few years and I was one of the lucky people to visit the place.


It’s not a massive hotel, however, this in my opinion, is the hotel’s advantage as it gives off that homely vibe due to its size. Everyone is familiar as you can easily see them when you roam around.

The design is very arabesque with a modern touch which  is perfect for expats like myself who wants to explore other culture yet want to be in a familiar environment at the same time.


I was brought to my room and to my delight, I can see the vast and quite desert from my room’s window. It’s so silent, totally opposite of the ever busy Dubai where I reside.


Spent an hour resting and just savoring the cosy interior of the room.


The first day was spent exploring the place, went quad biking, did a quick yoga session during sunset and visited the camels in the neighbourhood. Camel beauty contest is a festival wherein the healthiest and most beautiful camel from all over the world is brought to Liwa to compete, I also learned that there is an albino camel which was fascinating to know.


There are also other animals in the area like these two adorable fur balls.


The next day was spent relaxing, after having breakfast, I did a 60-minute spa treatment which was perfect to cap off my stay before heading back to Dubai.


 If you’re looking for a place to visit in the desert couples with desert activities, I suggest you check this place out. For more info, visit http://tilalliwa.danathotels.com/

If you have further questions, you can email me at contact@thesandgypsy.com

Sai xxx

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