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Wearing: Herve Ledger Dress, Pedro Shoes, Tory Burch watch, H&M Earrings 

Yesterday, we celebrated my friends wedding at the One & Only Hotel The Palm, had the opportunity to survey the area and check what sets it apart from other hotels in the region. The amenities are nice, the environment was relaxing and guests have access to both the pool and beach. I also love that it is not too busy compared to other hotels, I’m not sure if that’s good for the hotel but it is surely good for me should I ever plan to stay next time.

One thought on “ONE & ONLY THE PALM

  1. Hello, just stopped by to say I really like your post, I think it’s equal parts interesting, cool, and stylish! Keep up the good work!
    If you get the time, feel free to check out my blog, would love to know what you think!
    Keep on Blogging!
    p.s. reaaallly love the earrings

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