Dubai is famous for many things, this hundred mile high city glistens in the desert sun with extravagance and opulence found around every corner. The futuristic metropolis is a mecca for shoppers and for those with a taste for the finer things in life. One area in which Dubai has found itself drawing criticism however, is the perceived lack of culture, entertainment and events. This is something the leaders of Dubai have been actively seeking to address in recent times and various high-profile events and shows. Headline fashion events were a natural step forward in Dubai’s pursuit of westernized culture, building the city’s huge appetite for fashion and luxury goods. October 29th and 30th, marked one such event with the third edition of “Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience” which took place in the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall and an sprawling emporium of fashion. Within the center of the Dubai Mall lies a separate precinct dedicated to niche boutiques and smaller concept brands, its here where aspirational new designers are forged and propelled into the international spotlight. In stark contrast to these rising stars, some of the most world’s most prominent and best know fashion influencers were also in attendance. .. These included; Christian Louboutin himself, the Ex-Creative Director of Harpers Bazaar and founder of Buro 24/7, Mira Duma, Vogue Italia’s Editor-in-chief and co-founder of the VFDE event. There was Q&A portion wherein Christian Louboutin and Mira Duma were part off.



” I am not a huge believer of nature, I like the idea that women can control how they want to appear and that they can take full responsibility of their appearance ” – Christian Louboutin


When asked why he chose the colour red his Sole Shoe trademark and he said, ” Some women would they don’t wear colours, sometimes they’re in full black outfit, however you’ll see a hint of red in their lipstick or nails, colour red also is the colour of love and passion”.



Mira Duma, Ex – creative Director of Harpers Bazaar and founder of Buro 24/7 shared how valuable that brands invest in their social media existence to promote brand awareness and the role of stylist in fashion.

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