Sofitel The Palm - Main Poolas

Tourist season is just around the corner and with it comes the arrival of the spectacular Gulf winter weather, along with over 10 million tourists! Dubai is a city synonymous with world-class luxury and conjures up images of sheer decadence for most people around the world. Indeed, it’s Dubai’s red-carpet lifestyle that is its main allure and the city’s breathtaking collection of; hotels, spas and resorts epitomise Dubai’s glamorous reputation.

Tourists have an extensive range to choose from catering to all tastes and budgets. Many holidaymakers however, find themselves spending hours weighing up their various options and trawling review websites to find the very best deals and hotel amenities. What many people don’t always realise is that you needn’t be restricted to a single hotel’s facilities for the entirety of your stay. Tourists are in fact welcome to visit other resorts and enjoy their spas, pools, restaurants and amenities. With so many stunning resorts on offer in Dubai, if you’re planning to visit in the coming months, try building a top 5-list of resorts to visit during your stay. It will leave you will the most fulfilled experience and give you a better idea of where you’d like to stay next time you come! I’ll be featuring some of my favourites over the coming weeks.

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