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When I first came to Dubai I was concerned about how much I would miss the tranquil greenery and natural serenity that my home country lavishes its fortunate inhabitants with. Swapping lush forests and birds of paradise for endless swathes of desert dunes doesn’t sound at all enticing, dig a little deeper however and a hidden oasis of peace and beauty can be found.

The desert safaris in Dubai offer a retreat from the world’s most modern city and a chance to see how the local people from generations ago (Bedouins) once lived. ‘New Dubai’ is famous for its architectural wonders, but the desert serves up some of its very own. The desert trees are formed from beautifully entangled, pirouetting structures with enlarged trunks to conserve their food supply, much like a camel’s hump.  Dusk in the desert truly offers the most sublime experience of all, the golden dunes bathe in a hypnotic terracotta glow and the stars piercing the night sky like diamonds. If you’re in Dubai soon, set an evening aside to try the desert safari for an experience you’ll never forget.

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