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(Zara Coat, Mango pants and belt, Tory Burch watch, Gold clutch bag)

For most of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, the mere mention of winter sends shivers ‘literally’ running down our spines. Here in Dubai however, the arrival of winter brings with it some much-welcomed respite from the summer heat. The months of October to May are simply glorious in UAE, a pleasant warm breeze dances through the palm trees and the streets and beaches are bustling with gleeful Western tourists who come to escape the gloom of winter for a handful of precious days.

The entertainment scene roars into life with the Abu Dhabi F1 and A-list performers such as Lady ga-Ga and Justin Timberlake take to the stage to wow the local crowds. Winter is also a chance for UAE residents harbouring a passion for fashion to unveil their personal styles on the beaches or in the numerous bars & restaurants. Winter in the UAE has a couple of extra treats in store for the fashionistas amongst us, it marks the arrival of the fashion season which brings with it some incredible shows and events. Most importantly however, for myself and most of Dubai’s female population, winter kicks-off with biggest the fashion sale of the year. Thank you winter!

4 thoughts on “WINTER IS COMING

  1. Great look! I hope it gets cold enough so we can actually wear coats around town. #dubaiproblems


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