To be honest, there’s something enchanting about seeing a collage of shoes, and lately I’d been contemplating at how I can’t live without a pair of good sandals, they never fail to make a sloppy outfit feel put-together and to make the wearer feel sexy, it is true when they say that “the higher the heels, the closer to heaven.

I collected a photo of my favourite sandals online, some I have and some I dont. Check out the list and tell me your favourite.

  1. Schutz Kija Suede Sandals $200.00
  2. Schutz Yoko Suede Sandals $260.00
  3. Schutz Juliana Caged Sandals $190.00
  4. Schutz Kora Suede Sandals $200.00
  5. Schutz Kila Wedge Sandals $200.00
  6. Joie Alek Fringe Sandals  $ 295.00

Sai xxx

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