Location | Shangri-la and Movenpick Hotel in Mactan Cebu, Philippines
Wearing| Hat from Lack of Color US, romper from Newlook

Boracay island is always our first choice to visit when in Philippines, this time, however, we tried to explore other part of the country, we wanted to visit El Nido Palawan, however, the best and fastest way to reach the island is through chartered planes and you have to book in advance, this knowledge weren’t available to me and so we failed to book. We opted to visit Cebu as an alternative instead.

According to Wikipedia, Cebu Island itself is long and narrow, stretching 196 kilometers (122 mi) from north to south and 32 kilometers (20 mi) across at its widest point. It has narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus and coastal plains. It also has rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges traversing the northern and southern lengths of the island.

Prior to our trip to the island, we did not book any hotel. Upon arrival in the airport, we asked which hotels are closest to the airport and were told Shangri-la is nearby so we opted to go there directly.

We were lucky that there are available rooms for walk-ins like ourselves, though it’s a twin bed and rather uncomfortable for couple like ourselves, we didn’t care and couldn’t wait to rest after a long day, then we remembered that we hadn’t eaten the whole day.


The hotel host a handful restaurants that serves different type of cuisine. We opted to go for the buffet – did I mention we were famished as we were too busy to either eat lunch or breakfast?

IMG_2385IMG_2389IMG_2391Balcony view in Shangri-la Hotel in Mactan Cebu

In the middle of the night, we were woken up by noisy guest from the hallway, the beach is rather too far from our room and the bed is uncomfortable so we moved to Movenpick which is just next door.



I have stayed in this hotel a few years back, it used to be Hilton hotel and now it’s Movenpick, I didn’t bother to ask. We were brought to our room, it’s not very spacious yet it’s very comfortable accompanied by this stunning window view.


Upon checking in, we head down to the pool and spent the whole day swimming both in the pool and in the sea, we went exploring in the neighboring hotels and found adorable local kids frolicking around the beach


In the evening, there’s a themed entertainment night where live music and dancing happens.


Before leaving to Manila, we had a couple of hours so we went to visit Lapu-lapu’s monument, he is a National hero and known to have stood up against the Spaniards when they first settled in the country. He was famous for his conviction and for resisting Christianity, Philippines has a long and interesting history worth reading up.


To be honest, I wish we planned properly prior to our trip, there’s so much to do around the island but due to lack of preparation and time constraints, we missed so many adventures like swimming with the whales in Oslob which I’d been dying to try. Spontaneity may be a good start of an adventure, for someone like us with limited time, it’s not advisable. On a positive note, our short trip gave us an insight into what we can do when we visit again.


Have you ever traveled and tried being spontaneous? Share your story by commenting below.

Sai xxx

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